In Eurolegno Group all the clients have at their disposal authorized technical assistance centres (T.A.C.)  that follow the company procedures and use only original repair parts in their interventions.
Before you require T.A.C. assistance, please contact your dealer, who certainly has the competence and the knowledge to solve your problem.
The dealer will be in touch with Eurolegno in order to meet your requirements in the best way and to receive the original parts if they have to be replaced.
In case of specific technical intervention, the dealer himself will advise you to contact the T.A.C. that is in your area.
In order to have T.A.C. intervention you need the invoice, where you can find the following information:

  • Name of the client in the heading of the invoice
  • Shipping address
  • Order number

Please fill in the form below and accept all the technical assistance conditions and Eurolegno will make T.A.C contact you as soon as possible.
We apologise in advance for any inconveniences that may occur, and in case please contact directly Eurolegno Group by email :





If you do not find the invoice by order number, you can refer to the number reported on the label posted inside the window sash. Open the door, look inside the bar of the bottom cross piece. You'll find a label with a code. Send the entire code and the Eurolegno technical staff will be able to track your order. On windows with lacquered or Litos finishes, the code may not be visible and therefore you need to have the invoice.





Before accepting prices below, read carefully the Use and Maintenance Manual and General Warranty Conditions. CALL RIGHT HOURLY COST PAYMENT: DIRECTLY TO TECHNICAL AFTER INTERVENTION The customer by the acceptance of this expressly declares to have read the Use and Maintenance Manual and General Warranty Conditions included in the same. Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory.